Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

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How Can Acupuncture in Huntington, NY Help You?

Most physicians recommend that before taking any severe medication that those with acute, chronic pain seek out alternative solutions to their problems. Most would recommend cryotherapy, physical therapy or exercising, or acupuncture procedures. For us at Park Ave PT & Wellness, our goal is to leave patients feeling more motivated and confident with their bodies and less worried about their chronic pain.

We strive to educate our patients seeking Acupuncture in Huntington, NY, about how acupuncture can cater to their individual need for where the pain had to be relieved. The procedures are precise and designed to strengthen and give a better range of motion for your muscles. To learn more about our policies, contact us at Park Ave PT & Wellness today!

How Does Acupuncture in Huntington, NY Work?

Chronic pain can be a huge set back to the things you love to do throughout your daily life. Whether it’s a jolt of pain that wakes you up, not being able to pick something up off the floor, or even not being able to spend as much time as you would like with the people you care about, chronic pain is a nuisance. But the role acupuncture plays in relieving chronic pain is astounding. Our specialists at Acupuncture in Huntington, NY, as well as researchers around the globe can attest to the acupuncture being a great resource when it comes to relieving chronic pain that can persist in the neck or back.

Some might question if it’s really legitimate and how acupuncture may work for them or a loved one. Acupuncture works by utilizing and aggregating a smattering of small acupuncture points to elicit biochemical changes in the muscles of your body. The biochemical change allows the release of endorphins into the body that allows the relief of pain in the area the points were applied. The conditions that may be experienced from acupuncture range from strengthening of certain muscle groups, increased range of motion, and pain relief. 

Contact Park Ave PT Today for Acupuncture in Huntington, NY

Park Ave PT & Wellness is looking forward to your contact with them so you can discuss the benefits of acupuncture. To avoid so complications with severe medication such as nausea, or simply masking the pain, contact Park Ave PT & Wellness to get back to living how you would like to today!