Massage Therapy for Debilitating Back Pain

Massage Therapy 300x200 Massage Therapy for Debilitating Back PainMassage therapy was considered as a natural healing process in ancient India. As culture and history evolved, these healing methods developed vastly throughout southeast Asia and China. By the 1800s, a Swedish doctor and gymnast created news ways to help relieve chronic pain. This became known as the Swedish Movement Cure. Today, an abundance of alternative therapies are used to treat various ailments and rising in popularity among Western culture. As massage therapy has advanced through the generations, it has earned a place in legitimate medical practices to treat their patients who suffer from chronic pain and other ailments. Luckily for you, our team at Park Avenue PT & Wellness offers massage therapy Northport, NY. 

How Massage Therapy Works for Chronic Back Pain

Massage therapy focuses on maintaining an individual’s wellness. It is a popular treatment option for those with chronic back pain. It causes two significant physiological changes throughout the body. Massage therapy creates a relaxation response as well as mechanical responses. 

A typical day in massage therapy requires your therapist using specialized tools to rhythmically knead or rub affected areas. Thus circulation is stimulated and your blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients. This facilitates your muscles in eliminating waste products like lactic acids that perhaps causes the pain. 

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy Northport, NY?

People benefit from massage therapy for several reasons. Muscle tension, aches, fluid retention, stiffness, inflammation, spasms, and pain are common symptoms of chronic back pain. Research shows that there are benefits of massage therapy to relieve chronic back pain. The following are:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased endorphins
    • This helps to reduce pain and anxiety. Certain techniques are known to raise endorphin levels thus, making you feel better and promote healing within the body.
  • Decreases tension
  • Drug-free alternative
    • Many doctors would prescribe opioids which can potentially be highly addictive for constant back pain. Massage therapy serves as a healthier way to deal with chronic back pain. 

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