Massage Therapy for Debilitating Neck Pain

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Massage therapy is very beneficial for a number of different conditions. It is typically used to help manage health conditions and increase general wellness in order to help individuals get back to their healthy lifestyle. Many individuals will experience debilitating neck pain in their lifetime. Park Avenue Physical Therapy provides the proper massage therapy Northport, NY that will help alleviate pain. Neck pain can feel very debilitating and uncomfortable but with massage therapy, it doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life.

Causes of Neck Pain

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health Statistics, 15% of individuals in the United States experience neck pain. There are many different causes of neck pain and it is different for each individual. It is important to avoid putting too much strain on your neck but sometimes doing so is unavoidable. Some of the main causes of debilitating neck pain are:


  • Muscle Strains- caused by overuse and poor posture. Sitting hunched over or looking down at your phone or a book can also cause a muscle strain.
  • Nerve Compression- herniated discs or bone spurs can put pressure on the nerves which lead to neck pain.
  • Diseases- diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or meningitis can often cause neck pain.
  • Worn Joints- this occurs with age and can also be caused by osteoarthritis
  • Injuries- an example of this is whiplash caused by a car accident or any other motion where your head is jerked backwards then forward, this strains the neck tissue.


How to Prevent Neck Pain

While neck pain can hold you back from everyday activities there are ways to prevent it. Some tips for preventing and alleviating neck pain include:

  • Using good posture
  • Take frequent breaks to move around and stretch
  • Keep your computer at eye level while working
  • Avoid placing your phone between your ear and shoulder blades
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags on your shoulder
  • Quit smoking if you do so
  • Focus on sleeping in a proper position where your head and neck are aligned with the rest of your body

How Massage Therapy Northport, NY Helps Debilitating Neck Pain

Individuals that suffer from debilitating neck pain can turn to massage therapy as a treatment method. Massage therapy is extremely beneficial in reducing pain, decreasing stress on the area, and accelerating the healing process. Massage therapy Northport, NY can also increase blood flow and improve your range of motion. Using massage therapy to ease pain also works as a drug-free alternative. Many doctors prescribe opioids or other medications that are easily addictive to ease neck pain however massage therapy serves as a much healthier technique.

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