Minimizing Injury Time With Sports Rehab

Sports Rehabilitation is a type of therapy that centers itself on the improvement of patients’ movement patterns for their sport, preventing potential injuries, and treating injuries that may have occurred from a sport. While many sports therapy sessions are based on healing from an injury, more and more research is done that shows using sports therapy to prevent an injury or improve your ability in your sports is as efficacious and helpful. To see how sports rehab in East Northport, NY can help you and minimize your injury time, reach out to us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy, and see how we can help!

How Can Sports Therapy Be Used To Treat Injury?

Sports therapy is usually used as a therapy, usually through physical therapy and other physical medicines, to heal and treat injuries sustained from a sport or physical activity. However, many people take advantage of what sports therapy has to offer and use it as a preventative measure for future injuries, while also building strength, endurance and improving their performance. To see how else sports rehab in East Northport, NY can help you, contact us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy and see what we have to offer! The main methods sports therapists use include:

  • Physical therapy: your therapist will examine your body, either to diagnose any injury and what they stem from, to find potential weak points in your movement patterns and body mechanisms, and see what they can work on and improve. 
  • Focused Exercise Programs: after diagnosing any physical problems or weaknesses your body may suffer from, your sports therapist will design a focused exercise program specifically to tackle the unique issues your body is facing. This program will help strengthen any weakness in your muscles and body, help treat and train injured areas, and improve overall function.
  • Aftercare and preventative measures: your sports rehabilitation therapist will also work on preventative measures to either prevent a future injury or prevent reinjury from happening if possible. 

Sports Rehab in East Northport, NY

These are some of the core principles of sports rehabilitation. While these are some of the main draws of sports therapy, there are many other benefits that this practice carries. To find out, contact us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy for sports rehab in East Northport, NY, and see what we can do for you!