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Park Avenue Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY has been serving the community for over 20 years. Owned and operated by Dr. William VanVynck, Park Avenue Physical Therapy is an outpatient clinic that prides itself on personal care. Our goal is to provide each patient with personal one on one care making sure our patients get back to what they love to do, whether that is athletics or being pain free in their daily activities.

At Park Avenue Physical Therapy, our staff of licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers are educated and experienced with the newest therapeutic techniques to help patients reach their goals and return to what they enjoy doing most.

With years of medical knowledge and clinical experience, our physical therapists have an exercised based approach to helping our patients recover from any injury or ailment. We create comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation programs for each patient at our facility. Our treating physical therapists continue their education so they may provide the latest techniques to our patients with the best treatment possible.

Dr. William J. VanVynck, Owner/Physical Therapist

Bill Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY

Dr. William VanVynck has been practicing as a physical therapist and athletic trainer on Long Island for the over 13 years. After obtaining an athletic training degree from Sacred Heart University in 2003, he pursued his desire to become a physical therapist and continued his education at Sacred Heart, receiving in Master’s Degree in 2006. Recognizing the importance of higher education and professional recognition, William furthered his education, and obtained his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the College of Saint Scholastica. William has dedicated his career to focusing on sports injury and orthopedic rehabilitation, having experience working with patients of all levels. He was the the Associate Team Physical Therapist for Farmingdale State College and LIU Post from 2014-2016 and served as the head athletic trainer for the Plainedge School District for over ten years.

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Minimizing Injury Time With Sports Rehab

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Sports Rehabilitation is a type of therapy that centers itself on the improvement of patients’ movement patterns for their sport, preventing potential injuries, and treating injuries that may have occurred from a sport. While many sports therapy sessions are based on healing from an injury, more and more research is done that shows using sports therapy to prevent an injury or improve your ability in your sports is as efficacious and helpful. To see how Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY can help you and minimize your injury time, reach out to us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy, and see how we can help!

How Can Sports Therapy Be Used To Treat Injury?

Sports therapy is usually used as a therapy, usually through physical therapy and other physical medicines, to heal and treat injuries sustained from a sport or physical activity. However, many people take advantage of what sports therapy has to offer and use it as a preventative measure for future injuries, while also building strength, endurance and improving their performance. To see how else Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY can help you, contact us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy and see what we have to offer! The main methods sports therapists use include:

  • Physical therapy: your therapist will examine your body, either to diagnose any injury and what they stem from, to find potential weak points in your movement patterns and body mechanisms, and see what they can work on and improve. 
  • Focused Exercise Programs: after diagnosing any physical problems or weaknesses your body may suffer from, your sports therapist will design a focused exercise program specifically to tackle the unique issues your body is facing. This program will help strengthen any weakness in your muscles and body, help treat and train injured areas, and improve overall function.
  • Aftercare and preventative measures: your sports rehabilitation therapist will also work on preventative measures to either prevent a future injury or prevent reinjury from happening if possible. 

Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY

These are some of the core principles of sports rehabilitation. While these are some of the main draws of sports therapy, there are many other benefits that this practice carries. To find out, contact us at Park Avenue Physical Therapy for Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY, and see what we can do for you!

How Can Physical Therapy Help You?

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For many years, physical therapy has been helping people improve their health and well being. There are many benefits to physical therapy that include pain management, recovery, avoiding surgery, balance prevention, and many more. At Park Ave Physical Therapy, we have an experienced team of Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY that is dedicated to getting all patients back on their feet to their normal activities. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help You?

Choosing to see a physical therapist after any kind of injury or pain is a great decision. There are many benefits when it comes to getting physical therapy that can help you improve your well-being. Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY can help you become stronger and help you move and feel better. Physical therapy is for people of any age and any kind of injury. A physical therapist will assist you through several different exercises and stretching programs that will help you improve your current or past injuries. If someone has just had a knee replacement, the therapist will make sure that you start moving and bending your knee as soon as you can. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the replacement from healing incorrectly.

What to Expect On My First Visit

After a physical therapist evaluates your injury or condition, they will create an exercise program that is best suited for you. At first, the program will have a couple of exercises and stretching routines, but as time goes on and the more strength you develop, the therapist will be able to add more exercises. To start and end the session, the therapist might want to put heat or ice on the place where you have pain. The ice will help with reducing the inflammation and the heat will help loosen up the muscles. Due to your injury, the therapist will know which one is best. 

Contact Park Ave Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY

No one should have to be in constant pain and we want to help with that. At Park Ave Physical Therapy, our goal is to relieve you of any pain that you might be experiencing. If you are looking for Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY, we are the place to go. Do not let your pain hold you back another day. Please visit our website to book an appointment today. 

Sports Therapy Following ACL Surgery

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A torn ACL is one of the most common but dreaded and serious injuries an athlete can experience. With a recovery time ranging from six to nine months, ACL surgery can put you out of the sport you love for a substantial amount of time. The rehab one does following ACL surgery is incredibly important for restoring full function to the ligament, and if done correctly, minimizes the chance for future injury. Anyone undertaking the arduous but rewarding journey towards a full recovery should settle for nothing but the best, and Park Ave Physical Therapy is home to the best Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY. 

What is a Torn ACL?

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four ligaments in the knee that is responsible for maintaining the stability of the knee joint. The ligament can be sprained or torn when an athlete attempts to make a sudden pivot or dynamic movement on a locked knee. For this reason, ACL tears occur most frequently in athletes playing sports that require quick pivots and sharp cuts like football, soccer, and basketball. Women are also more likely to require ACL surgery due to differing anatomy and muscle function. Those who have torn their ACL describe hearing a loud popping sound followed by intense knee pain. There is also great difficulty in putting weight on the injured knee, and severe swelling makes it hard to bend the knee following the injury. Surgery is recommended to those who want to return to their pre-injury level, but it is not always recommended for those who are less active. 

How is a Torn ACL Treated?

The basic goal of all torn ACL treatment is to return the athlete to their pre-injury condition. A key aspect of rehabbing following ACL surgery is testing the ligament and restoring strength while being careful not to damage it further while it is still healing. Following the initial surgery, the Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY and rehab process tends to follow a few general “phases” that are outlined below.

Phase 1- (the week following surgery):  Mobilization exercises and strengthening exercises for the calf, hamstring, and quadriceps. 

Phase 2- (weeks 3-4): Reduced use of crutches with strong hamstring and quad control.

Phase 3- (five weeks after surgery): Passive mobilization to improve movement, potential to start coordination exercise if the knee is strong enough.

Phase 4- (week 10): Forward and backward dynamic movements as well as isokinetic exercises to build strength.

Phase 5- (month 3): Functional exercises like running and jumping. 

Phase 6- (month 4-5): Improve endurance and strength with plyometrics and sport-specific exercises. Emphasis on acceleration and deceleration.

The Best Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY

If you have suffered a torn ACL and are looking to get back to your sport in great shape as quickly as possible, Park Ave Physical Therapy is your choice for the best Physical Therapy near East Northport, NY. Our dedicated team of physical therapists will ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible and that you will return to the field not missing a beat. Contact us to make an appointment and get yourself back to 100% health as soon as possible!

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